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ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter
ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter
ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter


ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter

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Standard Test Methods:ASTM D1895
Receiver volume:400ML±0.5ML
Steel ruler(mm):150
Gross Weight(KG):12
Delivery time:About a week
  • DF-1-07

  • Dahometer


ASTM1895 Method B Plastic Apparent Density Meter 


Plastic Apparent Density Meter. It is used for the measurement of apparent density, bulk factor, and where applicable, the pourability of plastic materials such as molding powders. It is the ideal tester for the chemical industrial and the plastic manufactory. The mass of loose material (powder or granular material) can be poured from a funnel of specified design to a unit of specified volume. The density can be gotten through the volume and the weight of materials in the unit.

2. Structure and operation method


(1)Structure: The analyzer consists of a base, a support frame, a funnel, and a receiver.Receiver volume 400ML±0.5ML

(2)Operation Method

a.Open the package, take out the analyzer, and check the parts according to the packing list.

b.Place the analyzer on a stable work surface.

c.Block the lower outlet of the stainless steel funnel with any flat material, and place the receiver under the funnel, coaxial with the funnel.

d.Take a sample of 410ML-420ML from the measuring cylinder and slowly place it in the funnel.

e.Quickly remove the insert, so that all the samples are naturally leaked (the receiver that is filled with the sample must not be shaken).

f.Use a ruler to scrape off the excess sample on the mouth of the receiver, and then weigh it on the drug balance to the nearest 0.2g (the sample must not be repeatedly measured).


3. Data processing


Substituting the weighed data into the following formula: (m2-m1)/V

The result is the apparent density (g/ML) of the loose material.


Where: m2----receiver and sample mass, g;

M1----receiver mass, g;

V------ The volume of the receiver, ML (ie 400ML).


Note: When the relative error between a single measured value and the average value of a parallel sample is greater than 2%, it must be redone. The result is the arithmetic mean of the test results of two parallel samples.


4. Maintenance

After the test is completed, wipe the tester clean to avoid rust.


5. Standard:In accordance with the ASTM D1895 03 Standard Test Methods for Apparent Density, Bulk Factor, and Pourability of Plastic Materials 1;Apparatus for Apparent Density Test, Method A and B.


6. Packing List

Brush: 1 pcs

Steel ruler: 150mm 1 pcs

Receiving container: 400ml 1 pcs


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