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Automatic Oil Interfacial Tension Tester Printing Ink Liquid Surface Tensiometer Automatic Oil Interfacial Tension Tester Printing Ink Liquid Surface Tensiometer


Automatic Oil Interfacial Tension Tester Printing Ink Liquid Surface Tensiometer

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Measuring range:0-600mN/m
Data output interface:RS-232
Net weight:13kg
  • DH-ZY-1

  • Dahometer

  • one set

  • 7 days

  • 1 year,Lifelong maintenance

  • T/T, Visa,PayPal,Western Union

  • Negotiable


Automatic Oil Interfacial Tension Tester Printing Ink Liquid Surface Tensiometer

It is widely used to measure interfacial and surface tension for various liquids and petroleum products such as transformer oil, lube oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, etc. The equipment is fully automatic that only pressing the "start" button can finish the tension value calculation according to the input parameters.


(1) The sensor is integrated with high accuracy and high sensitivity electromagnetic technology,and any error in manual operation can be avoided by automatic measuring to enhance the data accuracy and reliability.


(2) A Pt board or Pt loop can be chosen to measure the liquid surface and interface tension.


(3) The Pt board can be used to measure the liquid surface tension in real time,it is practicable for measuring any sample which contains any surface activating agent or volatile matter and whose surface tension will change with time.


(4) The Pt board can be used to measure the surface tension of any medium or high viscosity liquid sample.


(5) Various temperature control are optional to satisfy different measuring requirements.


Complied Standards:

GB6541-1986 "Petroleum Products-- Determination of Oil Water Interface Tension by Ring Method"


ISO 6295-1983 "Petroleum Products, Mineral Oil,Lube Oil--Determination of Interface Tension by Ring Method"


JB/T 9388-1997 " Technical Conditions of Interface Tension Tester"


ISO1409-1995 "Plastic, Rubber, Polymer Dispersion and Latex--Determination of Surface Tension”


SH/T1156-92 "Synthetic rubber latex -- Determination of Surface Tension."


GB/T 5549ISO 304-1985 "Surfactant--Determination of Surface Tension by drawing up Liquid Membrane Method "


ISO 4311-1979 "Anionic and Nonionic Surfactant--Determination of Surface Tension by Ring Method" and other requirements.


GB/T 22237-2008  “Surfactant--Determination of Surface Tension”


JB/T 18396-2001 “Natural latex--Determination of Surface Tension by Ring Method”


and standards like ISO14090-82, ASTM, EN14370, ZB2025-93, D1417 GB2960-82 etc.



Ink,printing ink,oil paint industry:analyzing the wettability in printing and coating.


Cleaning agent industry:analyzing the absorbing rate,property and a suitable concentration of any surface activating agent.


Cosmetic industry:analyzing the dispersibility,stability and wettability of any emulsion or suspending agent.


Electroplating industry:analyzing the surface tension of any electroplating solution for quality control.


Pesticide industry:preparing any additive agent and analyzing the wettability.


Petroleum industry and auxiliary agent industry.,etc.


Main Technical Parameters:





Measuring range












Measuring mode

Pt board method,Pt loop method,or both

Operating mode

Sample stage automatic lifting,Fully automatic measurement

Data displaying

Surface/Interface tension(Pt board method,displaying data directly

Maximum force(Pt loop method,secondary calculation is necessary

Displaying mode

Wide visual angle backlight LCD,digital displaying

Samle constant temperature range

Standard room temperature or 5℃ to 90℃,(Need to choose the sample constant jacket cup and constant temperature circular bath

Measuring time

Low concentration sample:3 to 5 seconds for Pt board method,40 to 60 seconds for Pt loop method

Data output interface


External dimension

400*200*430mm (L*W*H)

Net weight


Power supply




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