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Density Meter For Solid Electronic Automatic Solid Densimeter Density Meter For Solid Electronic Automatic Solid Densimeter
Density Meter For Solid Electronic Automatic Solid Densimeter Density Meter For Solid Electronic Automatic Solid Densimeter


Density Meter For Solid Electronic Automatic Solid Densimeter

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Maximum Weight: 600g 
Minimum Weight: 0.005g 
Measuring Range: 0.001—99.999g/cm3 
  • DH-600

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5days

  • 2 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


Density Meter For Solid Electronic Automatic Solid Densimeter 


Direct readings, with temperature compensation, and Solution compensation, more humanized operation, suitable for onsite operations.


For density determination of rubber, plastic, wire and cable, electrical appliances, sports equipment, tires, glass products, hard alloy, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, seals, ceramics, sponge, EVA materials, foam materials, alloys, friction materials, New materials, battery materials.

Standards:According to ASTM D792,GB/T1033,GB/T2951,JIS K6268,ISO 2781,ISO 1183,GB/T208,GB/T5163,GB/T 1933 standards etc.


DH-300 is one of the densimeter that have been widely applying to industry,using water as medium,the density value can be displayed after two steps.Compared with traditional densimeter,there is no calculation by hand,which is more convenient.


With completed injection moulding measuring platform,and the high transparency water tank that made by imported PC.The users can inspect the samples in water


clearly.the suspension wire made up of 0.5mm stainless steel is perpendicular to nacelle,which would not touch the water tank,therefore accuracy of testing result can be ensured.DH-300 also can be applied to metal,powder,ceramics,fireproofing

materials,magnetic materials,mechanical parts,mineral and rock,cement,precious




Model: DH-900 

Density Resolution: 0.001 g/cm3 

Maximum Weight: 900g 

Minimum Weight: 0.005g 

Measuring Range: 0.001—99.999g/cm3   


· Fasting testing,more efficiency,can be applied to production site and


· Plastic granule,film,floating,seal ring,rubber,calcium carbonate powder can get tested quickly.

· Rubber DIN volume wear loss,Akron wear loss,expansion can be reading directly.

· Function of automatic zero tracking,buzzer warning,and overload warning.

· Function of solution compensation.Either water or other liquid can be used as a measuring medium.

· Adopt the completed high-capacity measurement accessories with the

   transparent injection moulding sink,which can resist wear,fall off,and      


· Adopt the completed professional windproof and dustproof cover,which

   makes the machine convenient and durable.

· Interface of RS-232C is included.the printer of DE-40 is available to connect PC with this instrument.


Standard Accessories:

Host,Sink,Test board,Tweezer,Thermometer,100G weight,Windproof and dustproof

cover,A set of measuring grain accessories,A set of measuring floating body

accessories,Power Transformer


 Measurement Procedure:

(1)Place sample on test board to measure weight in air,press ENTER key to memory.

(2)Place sample into water to measure weight in water,press ENTER key to memory. Density value will be displayed.


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