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GB/T5162-2006/ISO3953:1993 Tap Density Apparatus With CE GB/T5162-2006/ISO3953:1993 Tap Density Apparatus With CE


GB/T5162-2006/ISO3953:1993 Tap Density Apparatus With CE

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Volume of testing object:<=250.00ml
Repeatability error:<=1%
Accuracy error:<=1%
Warranty:1 year
  • DY-100B

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


GB/T5162-2006/ISO3953:1993 Tap Density Apparatus With CE


Powder density tester is composed of adjustable speed motor, vibration component, microcomputer and micro printer and other components.

It can set its own amplitude and vibration times, and the vibration components can rotate at a small Angle during the vibration process to ensure the uniformity of the material and automatically calculate and print the test results.

DY-100A,B,C Powder density tester consist of adjustable-speed motor,vibration

assembly,micro-computer and micro printer.,etc.It has the feature of compact

structure,stable,and easy operation.,etc.


(1) Weight of testing object:<=500.00g

(2) Volume of testing object:<=250.00ml(standard accessory including

25ml,50ml,100ml,250ml measuring cylinder)

(3) Single vibration times:<=0-99999 times(the result will come out as bulk density when input zero times)

(4) Allowable motor force:0.86 N.m.

(5) Vibration frequency:maximum 300 round per minute(0-300 round per minute is adjustable,USA pharmacopeia standard is 300 round per minute)

(6) Vibration amplitude:maximum 15mm(1mm-15mm is adjustable,International standard is 3mm)

(7) Repeatability error:<=1%

(8) Accuracy error:<=1%



 1.Drop Height-Easily Adjustment

 The drop height is important for a tap density tester in order to meet different international standards.This tap density tester uses default 3mm height and some tapping washers in specific height to reach 14mm.They changes easily without opening the cover.

 2.Working Panel-Intuitive

 The intuitive LED and membrane working panel brings operator and easy and fast operation.Accurate to 4 decimals.Automatically saving all test information.Operator simply inputs the desired data and press start to test.

 3.Rpm-Easily Adjustment

 The rpm is also important for a tap density tester.This instrument uses a speed control to realize 250rpm and 300 rpm.The motor is default 300 rpm,just tun the knob and reach the right percentage to shift to 250rpm.

 4.Analysis Result-Easily Printed

 Integrated micro printer prints the test data after test including Sample No,weight,volume,tap number,tap density and operator.

 5.Cover-Easily to Clean

 The outer surface is plastic coated,it is strong and resistant to any powders non-corrosive or corrosive.It makes for the cleaning procedure as well as a longer working life.



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