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Hongtuo Instruments Participated In The 2020 Zhengzhou Plastic Expo To Demonstrate Its Strength

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The 10th Zhengzhou Plastic Expo of the large-scale domestic plastics exhibition in 2020 will be held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 8-10. Dongguan Hongtuo Instruments will participate in this Zhengzhou Plastic Expo. Dongguan Hongtuo Instruments is a professional manufacturer of various The manufacturer of various physical property testing instruments has developed and produced various kinds of tensile testing machines, electronic density meters, melt index meters, impact testing machines, Vicat thermal deformation softening point testers and other instruments for many years.


Dongguan Hongtuo Instruments participated in this Zhengzhou Plastic Expo with a variety of testing equipment for rubber, plastics and plastic products, including double-column tensile testing machines, 7-inch touch screen high-precision melt index meters, and plastic impact testing machines.


As a large-scale plastic exhibition in China in the post-epidemic era, Zhengzhou Plastic Expo has also attracted many visitors. Of course, the booth of Dongguan Hongtuo Instruments is also full of customers to watch. Dongguan Hongtuo Instruments is enthusiastic to serve everyone The customers who came to Dongguan Hongtuo Instrument's booth to introduce the functions and parameters of various physical instruments. The customers are willing to patiently and have a very harmonious conversation!

In this 2020 Zhengzhou Plastic Expo, Hongtuo Instruments will show its demeanor as a powerful manufacturer of rubber and plastic instruments!

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