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How To Calibrate The Sensor And Test Speed Of The Universal Tensile Machine

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Electronic tensile testing machine is a common testing equipment. The calibration of sensors and testing speed is often used in testing and maintenance. How to operate it?

It is understood that many operators do not understand the operation of the equipment. Due to personnel replacement, the tensile tester cannot be used correctly. On the other hand, there are problems such as failure of the sensor after use.


The following teaches you how to operate:

     1. First prepare a weight that is smaller than the sensor's force (weights with a force greater than the sensor will cause overload and damage the sensor). For example, if the sensor is 100KG, then we can use a 50KG or 10KG weight to verify;

     2. Hang the prepared weights on the fixture;

     3. Now take the Guangdong Hongtuo Instrument Tensile Testing Machine HT-101PT as an example, click on the running or static state, and check on the computer interface whether the force value is consistent with the weight's own force value;

     When the force curve shows a straight line, it indicates that the sensor of the tensile tester is accurate.

     The core accessories of the tensile tester are composed of precision components such as sensors, motors, and screw rods.


Whether the test force value is accurate or not is related to the sensor. After excluding problems such as operator errors, we can use a simple method to verify the accuracy of the tensile tester.

The test speed calibration method of tensile testing machine. Tensile testing machine is a kind of precision mechanics testing instrument. If it is used for a long time, the speed may be inaccurate. Explain the test speed calibration method of tensile testing machine.

The test speed calibration method of the tensile machine

1. Write down the initial position of the machine beam.

2. Then select the speed value on the control panel (use a standard straight steel ruler to measure the cross arm stroke).

3. When the machine is started, the electronic stopwatch starts counting for 1 minute, and when the stopwatch reaches the time, press the machine stop button.

4. According to the time of the stopwatch, record the cross-arm stroke value as the rate per minute (mm/min), observe the difference between the cross-arm stroke value and the straight steel ruler, and calculate the cross-arm stroke error value, which should not exceed ±1%.

    The daily maintenance work of the tensile testing machine includes the cleaning of the machine, the inspection and maintenance of the parts, the lubrication of the parts, and the tensile work. Guangdong Hongtuo Instrument Technology recommends the maintenance process of the tensile testing machine including:

    1. The surface of the machine is frequently wiped to keep it clean

    2. Please wipe the electroplating part with engine oil or anti-rust oil to prevent rust and keep the brightness

    3. The transmission screw and the screw part should be filled with grease every three months to ensure the sensitivity of the transmission

    4. The controller and the lower part of the machine are not allowed to get wet to prevent damage to the electronic components

    5. Please place all fixtures and joint fittings securely and wipe with anti-rust oil to prevent rust

    The above is the technical sharing of "Hongtuo Instrument teaches you how to calibrate the sensor and test speed of the tensile machine". If you want to know more, please pay attention to Guangdong Hongtuo Instrument.

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