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300J Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine 50HZ380V180W 300J Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine 50HZ380V180W


300J Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine 50HZ380V180W

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Energy range:0-300J 0-150J
Division:2J 1J
Sample support span: 40MM
Sample support support angle: 0°
  • DB-300B

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


300J Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine 50HZ380V180W

1.Brief Introduction

The touch screen control digital display impact testing machine is a new type of impact testing machine launched by our company. After continuous technical update and improvement in recent years, the product has reached the domestic advanced technology level, and the user has been involved iron and steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, universities, research institutes and other fields. The products are also exported to Australia, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and other countries, and won the praise of domestic and foreign users.


This machine is suitable for mechanical metallurgy, aerospace, colleges and universities, research institutes and other fields to measure the impact toughness value of metal materials and the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load.


ASTM E23, ISO148-2006 and GB/T3038-2002, GB/229-2007,ISO 138,EN10045.

4.Basic Function Introduction

Semi-automatic: Manually take the pendulum during the test, manually discharge the material after the completion, and then carry out the unloading and impact. After the impact is completed, the device automatically takes the pendulum. The impact area and impact toughness will be displayed in the system after each experiment. The three tests are a group, and the system automatically calculates the average value of the three impact energies after the completion of one set.

Storage function: It can store 100 sets of experimental data, including test name, test original value, average value, test time and other information.

Print function: (optional) Print the current test data through a micro printer.

Multi-level energy: The device supports multiple hammers of different energy levels.


1)Impact Energy:300J、150J

2)Dial scale range and division value:



Energy range

0-300J   0-150J


2J      1J

3)Pendulum torque

Pendulum impact energy



Pendulum torque



4) Pendulum pre-angle: 150 °

5) Distance from pendulum center to impact point (test center): 750MM

6) Impact speed: 5.2M/S

7) Sample support span: 40MM

8) The radius of the end of the sample support: 1-1.5MM

9) Sample support support angle: 0°

10) Impact knife arc radius: 2-2.5MM

11) The angle between the two inclined faces of the impact knife: 30°

12) Impact blade thickness: 16MM

13) Sample specifications: 10 * 10 * 55MM

14) The test machine weight: about 500KG

15) Test machine dimensions: 2124*600*1340MM

16) Power: three-phase three-wire system 50HZ380V180W (main motor)

6.Standard configuration

1)The host: one.


Specifications, large pendulum 300J, small pendulum 150J.

Quantity, one each, two in total.

3)Span model: Specifications, L=40. Quantity, one.

4)The sample center block: specifications, L = 40 (V. U) type. Quantity, one.

5)The detacher: quantity, one.

6)Stay moving: Specifications, S = 30. Quantity, one.

7)Hex wrench: Specifications, S=14. Quantity, one.

8)Ground angle screw: Specifications, M16 × 200. Quantity, four sets.

9)The jaws (including the bracket): Quantity, one pay. Note that it is installed on the host.

10)A touch screen LCD table set.

7.7.Working Condition

1) Room temperature in the range of 10-35℃;

2)The relative humidity is not more than 85%;

3)In an environment free of corrosive media;

4)Installed on a concrete foundation with a thickness of not less than 150 mm or fixed on a foundation of more than 880 kg;

5)The level of the installation reference surface on the base is adjusted to within 0.2/1000;



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