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D25mm D90mm Falling Weight Impact Tester ISO3127 BSEN1411 D25mm D90mm Falling Weight Impact Tester ISO3127 BSEN1411


D25mm D90mm Falling Weight Impact Tester ISO3127 BSEN1411

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Standards:GB/T16800, ISO4422, ISO3127, BSEN1411 etc
Power supply: AC 380V±10%
Dimensions:730mm×700mm× 3700mm
Net weight:About 300kg
  • HT-14152

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


D25mm D90mm Falling Weight Impact Tester ISO3127 BSEN1411

Product introduction:

Coefficient of Friction COF Tester is for the measurement of static and kinetic coefficients of friction of plastic films,
sheets, rubber, paper and paper board, woven and non-woven, fabrics, metal-plastic composite belts for communication cables,convey belts, wood, coatings, brake pads, windshield wipers, shoe materials and tires.



It meets the technical requirements of the industry standard JB/T9389 ,and meets the test methods of GB/T14152, GB/T10002.1, GB/T5836.1, GB/T13664, GB/T16800, ISO4422, ISO3127, BSEN1411, BSEN744.


Product features:

1. The working table can be adjusted, which has the function of automatically returning to zero position and automatically go up and down.

2.It has the anti secondary impact device, which can prevent the hammer’ secondary impact by sample elastic force after the first impact.

3.The lifting mechanism uses the induction brakes and chain transmission, which make lifting steady and reliable.

4.It use the impact PLC as the control element to control the height of lifting hammer, and automatically measure the height of the hammer head with accurate position.

5.The device can automatically locate, zero, lift hammer, grasp hammer after impact. The high standard of automatization makes it easy to operate.

6.It uses the polished rod as the guiding device, with little resistance when hammer falls.

7.It can add safety protection device to ensure the operation safety.


Technical parameters:

1.Operating temperature: 10℃~35℃;

2. There is no large vibration source nearby, no strong electromagnetic field;

3. There is no corrosive medium in the environment, and the electric control box should be well ventilated;

4. Power supply: AC 380V±10% 5A 50Hz;

5.Workbench stroke: 0~400mm;

6.Sample diameter:Φ10mm~Φ450mm;

7.Hammer head: d25, d90;Note: (SR5, SR10, SR30) are optional according to user requirements;

8.Impact height: 0~2000mm;

9.Height positioning error: ±5mm;

10.Dimensions: host (length* width*height)

730mm×700mm× 3700mm;

11.Weight of the whole machine: about 550kg.



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