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GB / T4857.5-92 Package Single Wing Drop Testing Machine 300KG GB / T4857.5-92 Package Single Wing Drop Testing Machine 300KG


GB / T4857.5-92 Package Single Wing Drop Testing Machine 300KG

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standard: ISO2248 JISZ0202-87 GB / T4857.5-92.
Drop height mm: 300-1500 adjustable
Impact panel size mm: 1700 x 1200 x10:
Drop height error: ± 10mm
  • DH-DI-02

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


GB / T4857.5-92 Package Single Wing Drop Testing Machine 300KG

  Dop Testing Equipment Price,Drop Test Machine used to measure the dropping impact incidence when the package in using, transportation and decorating. Labtone "1G+" project strictly ensure the accuracy. Besides precision plane drop testing, it also can undertake edge and angle test to ensure the complete performance evaluation for the package.



The single-arm drop test machine can perform free drop test on the face, angle and edge of the package. It is equipped with a digital display height indicator and uses a decoder for height tracking, so that it can accurately give the product drop height and the preset drop height.The error does not exceed 2% or 10MM. This machine adopts single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electric control drop and electric lifting device, easy to use; the unique buffer device greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine. Single arm setting, can easily place the product.


Technical parameters:


1. Drop height mm: 300-1500 adjustable

2. The maximum weight of the test piece kg: 80Kg;

3. Thickness of bottom plate: 10mm (solid iron plate)

4. Maximum size of test piece mm: 1000 x1000 x 800

5. Impact panel size mm: 1700 x 1200 x10

6. Drop height error: ± 10mm

7. Overall dimensions of test bench mm: about 1700 x 1200 x 2315

8. Support arm size: 180 * 180 * 10mm

9. Net weight kg: about 300kg;

10. Test method: face, angle and edge drop in all directions

11. Control mode: electric

12. Falling height error: 1%

13. Parallel error of impact panel: ≤1 degree

14. The angle error between the falling surface and the horizontal during the falling process: ≤1 degree

15. Power supply: 380V1, power supply: AC380V 50HZ

16. Power: 1.85KWA


Environment requirements:


Temperature: 5 ℃ ~ + 28 ℃ (average temperature ≤28 ℃ within 24 hours)

Relative humidity: ≤85% RH

Power supply conditions: three-phase four-wire + protective earth,

Voltage range: AC (380 ± 38) V


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