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LCD Display Portable Plant Stem Strength Tester LCD Display Portable Plant Stem Strength Tester
LCD Display Portable Plant Stem Strength Tester LCD Display Portable Plant Stem Strength Tester


LCD Display Portable Plant Stem Strength Tester

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Humidity:≤ 80%
Resolution: 0.01 N
Accuracy ± 0.5%
Power supply: 220V
  • DH-SS-1

  • Dahometer

  • One set

  • About 5 days

  • 1 year,Lifelong maintenance

  • T/T, Visa,PayPal,Western Union

  • Negotiable


LCD Display Portable Plant Stem Strength Tester


The stem intensity of sorghum,maize,and tobacco is a major factor to decide the  lodging-resistance ability. Since long-term, The lodging of sorghum, maize, tobacco has caused great difficulties in crops mechanized harvesting . In current mechanization harvest level, a lot of crop is wasted. In addition, corn lodging, causing inadequate illumination.make its yield enormous limit. Tocultivate high intensity stem of crop seed , This instrument applies to agricultural genetic breeding.


Can be connected computers can save, testing, and print, do all kinds of analysis, the input speed, the area still can show displacement, pressure parameters,Super memory storage function: test can be stored value; 896 LCD display, backlit function (backlighting for night), and has the screen number is, reverse function,Automatic shutdown time Settings: automatic shutdown time Settings can be set for 10 minutes to 90 minutes automatic shutdown,

Battery capacity show: Divided into 3 glen, 2 glen,1 glen  and low power equipment automatic shutdown.


Technical Parameters:

Max.load: 500N (N, Kg and ib three units can be automatically converts),

Resolution: 0.01 N,

Accuracy ± 0.5%; :

Power supply: the power charging 220V/AC, Batteries continuous working time: 6 ~ 8 hour,

Stability temperature drift: 0.2 uV/c (0-60 ° c), zero-drift ≤0.1% / 8 hours/FS,

Calibration: full range calibration,

Environmental temperature: 0 ~ + 60 ° c,

Humidity:≤ 80%;

Allow overload: 150%,

Supply mode: no.5 batteries / 220V nickel cyanogen AC charging 4 ~ 6 hours.






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