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Microcomputer Control Box Compression Tester 500kg Capacity Microcomputer Control Box Compression Tester 500kg Capacity
Microcomputer Control Box Compression Tester 500kg Capacity Microcomputer Control Box Compression Tester 500kg Capacity


Microcomputer Control Box Compression Tester 500kg Capacity

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Accuracy level:1 class
Control method:Microcomputer control (computer operating system is optional)
Display method:Electronic LCD display (or computer display)
  • DH-CC-01

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


Microcomputer Control  Box Compression Tester 500kg Capacity

1.LCD large blue backlit liquid crystal display

2. Can display test value and maximum value, with printing function;

3. Constant force and timing test, after the test is completed, automatically reset;

4. Overload shutdown, emergency stop button, automatic shutdown when the specimen is damaged, automatic shutdown when the upper and lower limits are set; overload protection, limit element protection device.

5. Control mode: dual-position (computer host and microcomputer LCD monitor can be tested separately)

6. Display mode: electronic LCD display and Computer display


Product introduction: It is the basic instrument for testing the compressive strength of corrugated boxes (ie packaging testing equipment), and is suitable for compressive strength test, compliance test and stacking strength test of various corrugated boxes.



1. After the test is completed, there is an automatic return function, which can automatically judge the crushing force and automatically save the test data

2. Three configurable speeds, full Chinese LCD display operation interface, and various units to choose from.

3. The relevant data can be input and the compressive strength is automatically converted, and the packaging stacking test function is provided; the strength and time can be set directly, and the machine will automatically stop after the test is completed.

4. Three working modes:

Strength test: can measure the maximum pressure resistance of the cabinet;

Fixed value test: the overall performance of the cabinet can be detected according to the set pressure;

Stacking test: According to the requirements of national standards, stacking tests of 12 hours, 24 hours and other conditions can be carried out.


Detailed equipment parameters:




Accuracy level

1 class

Control method

Microcomputer control (computer operating system is optional)

Display method

Electronic LCD display (or computer display)

Unit conversion

kgf,gf ,N,kN,lbf

Stress unit conversion


Displacement unit

mm, cm, in

Force resolution


 Display resolution


Machine stroke

600 mm

Platen size

600*600 mm

Test speed


can input speed arbitrarily

Software function

English language

Stop mode

Overload shutdown, emergency stop button,specimen damage automatic shutdown, upper and lower limits automatic shutdown

 safety devices

Overload protection, limit element protection device

Machine power

AC inverter motor drive controller

Mechanical system

High precision ball screw

Power supply

AC220V/50HZ~60HZ 4A

Machine weight

Around 350KG


Percent break value can be set, automatic stop, can enter the menu to choose 4 different speeds, 20 results, you can view the average value of all test results and single results


Meet the following criteria:


GB/T 4857.4 "Pressure test method for packaging and transportation package"

GB/T 4857.3 "Static load stacking test method for packaging and transport packages"

ISO2872 "Packaging - Complete, Fully Loaded Transport Packages - Stress Test"

ISO2874 "Packaging - Complete, Fully Loaded Transport Packages - Stacking Tests with Pressure Testers"

QB/T 1048 "Cardboard and Carton Compression Tester"


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