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150L Ozone Accelerating Aging Test Chamber Automatic Programmable Climatic Cabinet Room 150L Ozone Accelerating Aging Test Chamber Automatic Programmable Climatic Cabinet Room


150L Ozone Accelerating Aging Test Chamber Automatic Programmable Climatic Cabinet Room

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Structure: One machine.
Outer box: SUS304 stainless steel plate or baking varnish
keyword:Programmable Climatic Cabinet Room
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  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

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150L Ozone Accelerating Aging Test Chamber Automatic Programmable Climatic Cabinet Room

1.150L  (L stands for liter)

W500 X H600 x D500mm  (W represents width, H represents height, D represents depth)

W1100 X H1700 x D1050mm  (W represents width, H represents height, D represents depth)

About 220kg

AC220±5%V /50±0.5Hz


1.1. Application-Ozone aging test chamber  is mainly suitable for polymer materials and products (rubber) of the resistance to ozone aging performance test. Ozone content in the atmosphere is very low, but it is the main factors of polymer materials aging. Ozone aging test chamber simulating and strengthen the ozone condition in the atmosphere, get approximate to actual use or reproduction of the test results in a short time. The studay of ozone effect regulation to rubber products, quickly identify and evaluate rubber materials resistance to ozone and antiozonant protection efficiency method,and then take effective aging proof measures to improve the service life of rubber products.


1.2. Principles and methods-test methods can be divided into "static" and "dynamic" according to test methods and standards. Static means that the sample is stretched and placed in the test box for testing, while dynamic means that the sample is placed in the test box. On the fixture, do the test while stretching, and the fluctuation of the stretching is about 5%-45% of the tested sample itself


2. Main technical Parameters

2.1. Temperature range: 0℃-80℃

2.2. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ Temperature distribution accuracy: ±2.0℃

2.3. Ozone concentration accuracy: 10~400pphm ±10%

2.4. Raising frequency of sample rack: 2R/min (optional)

2.5. Air velocity: 12~16mm/s

2.6. Sample rack speed: 360 degree rotating sample rack (rotating speed 1~3 revolutions per minute or optional adjustable)


3.Structural Characteristics

3.1. Structure: One machine.

a) 3.2. Material-inner box: SUS304 stainless steel plate

b) Outer box: SUS304 stainless steel plate or baking varnish (beige white).

c) Thermal insulation: dual protection of rigid polyurethane foam + aluminum silicate thermal insulation cotton.

a) 3.3. Box door-single open door, left open.

b) Two silicone rubber sealing strips for window frame/door frame and anti-condensation electric heating device.

c) Observation window W300xH450mm and lighting lamps are equipped on the doors and windows.

3.4. Requirements of the sample rack

a) (Dynamic experiment; optional)-Fix both ends of the sample with clamps under the required elongation. When in contact with ozonized air, the length of the sample should be basically parallel to the direction of airflow

b) The fixture should be made of a material (such as aluminum) that does not easily decompose ozone.

c) Make the sample rotation speed between (20^-25) mm/s, in a vertical dry air plane, each sample continuously moves along the same path

d) The time for one rotation of the same sample is (8^-12) min. The scanning area of the sample is at least 40% of the effective area of the test box.

e) The sample preparation should meet the requirements of GB/T 9865.1. The sample is best cut from the newly molded test piece, if necessary, it can be cut from the finished product. The sample should be at least 3 samples per test condition. The width of the long standard sample is not less than 10mm, the thickness is 2.0mm±0.2mm, and the length of the sample between the two ends of the clamp before stretching is not less than 40mm.


Standard static test fixture-

a) a) 3.5. Control Panel-Controller Display

b) b) Power switch

c) c) Illumination button,

d) a) 3.6. Cabinet configuration-a stainless steel SUS #304 rack turntable inside

e) b) φ50mm lead hole lead hole: 1 piece, equipped with hole cover and silicone rubber plug.

f) c) 4 movable casters

g) d) 4 horizontal fixed tripods

h) There is a drainage hole at the bottom of the box body to facilitate the drainage of the condensate water of the unit;

4.air circulation adjustment

4.1. Adjustment method

4.2. Circulating fan-FLOW THROW air supply mode; horizontal diffusion and vertical heat exchange arc circulation.

Power-saving motor + stainless steel extension shaft is connected with multi-centrifugal circulating fan.

5. heating system

5.1. Heater

5.2. Control method-fin-type radiator tube-shaped stainless steel electric heater heating.

-ID adjustment, actuator: solid state relay.

6.refrigeration system

6.1. Working method: mechanical refrigeration/air-cooled.

6.2. Control mode: The controller of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigerator according to the test conditions.

6.3. Compressor: a well-known European and American brand low-temperature high-efficiency fully enclosed compressor. (France; Taikang)

6.4. Evaporator: fin type multi-stage automatic load capacity adjustment. (Japan; Saginomiya)

6.5. Condenser: wind type condenser. (Japan; Shuangling)

6.6. Expansion system: refrigeration system with automatic capacity control

6.7. Refrigerant: environmentally friendly refrigerant R404 (the ozone depletion index is 0). (United States; DuPont)

6.8. Refrigeration process: Nitrogen protection welding, two-stage rotary vane pump vacuum to ensure that the interior of the refrigeration system is clean, the bottom of the compressor is designed with a water tray, and the condensed water is drained out of the box through the drain pipe at the rear of the box.

a)6.9. Refrigeration accessories: expansion valve (Denmark; DANFOSS)

b) Solenoid valve (Japan; Omron)

c) Filter (Denmark; DANFOSS)

d) Pressure controller (Denmark; DANFOSS)

e) Globe valve (Italy; CASTEL)

f) Oil separator (Europe and America; ALCO)

6.10. Accessories: desiccant, oil separator, refrigerant flow window, repair valve, high pressure protection switch. .

7.ozone detection system

7.1 Ozone generator-(Using voltage silent discharge tube to generate ozone)

7.2 Ozone sensor-ozone concentration sensor imported from the UK, which can realize precise control

7.3 Ozone exhaust system-After the experiment is completed, the ozone in the experiment box is exhausted to the outdoors through a dedicated exhaust fan and air duct

7.4 Ozone flow regulator-using a high-precision glass flow rotor meter for precise adjustment


8. Control system


8.1. Sensor: (Using voltage silent discharge tube to generate ozone)

8.2. Controller: British imported ozone concentration sensor, which can realize precise control

The temperature sensor adopts platinum DIN PT-100Ω, imported from Korea TEMI, 7-inch color LCD touch-sensitive human-machine interface controller, large field of view screen, and screen lock (LOCK) function. Chinese and English switching

8.3. Controller specification-accuracy: ±0.1℃+1digit.

a) Temperature resolution: 0.1.

b) Setting range of each time: 0~530 hours can be set freely.

c) Temperature input signal Platinum PT100 type.

d) P.I.D control parameter setting, P.I.D automatic calculation.

a) 7.4. Screen display function-using the graphic control software screen dialogue mode, the screen directly touches the options: including program setting, curve display, historical data, manual operation, automatic operation, auxiliary setting, etc.

b) Display execution status, temperature and time setting value, remaining time, remaining cycle times.

c) With a separate program editing screen, temperature, time and cycle times can be input.

d) The temperature program setting is displayed as a graph curve, with real-time display program curve execution function.

e) Display the fault status and explain the troubleshooting method.

f) The temperature setting (SV) and actual (PV) values are directly displayed.

g) The screen can be adjusted for backlight, and the screen display protection function can be used for timing and closing settings.

8.5. Program capacity and

a) Control function-The production of the program adopts the dialogue function.

b) Cycle times: up to 1-9999 times adjustable.

c) Available program groups: 50 PATTEN at most (that is, 50 test specifications can be independently set and stored)

d) With power-off program memory, it will automatically start and continue to execute the program after power is restored.

e) The graph curve can be displayed in real time when the program is executed.

f) With scheduled startup and shutdown functions.

g) With date and time adjustment functions.


9. safety protection device


a) 9.1. Refrigeration protection-compressor overheating protection switch

b) Compressor high pressure protection switch

c) Compressor overcurrent protection switch

a) 9.2. Heating protection-heater surface temperature over-temperature protection

b) Heater short circuit and overload protection device

a) 9.3. Other protections-circulating motor overheating protection

b) Condensing fan overheat protection

c) High temperature, low temperature, over temperature protection

d) Reverse phase and phase loss protection device,

e) No fuse switch overload protection.

f) Power-off protection device for smoke alarm.

g) Line fuse and fully sheathed terminal



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