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Automatic10KG Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester LCD Screen Automatic10KG Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester LCD Screen


Automatic10KG Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester LCD Screen

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Vickers hardness scale:HV0.3,HV0.5,HV1.0,HV3.0 ,HV5.0,HV10.0
Test force (Kgf):0.3 ,0.5 ,1.0 ,3.0,5.0,10.0
Load control:Automatic(Load/hold/unload)
Hardness measurement range:(5-3000)HV
  • HV-10Z

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


Automatic 10KG Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester LCD Screen

It is a high and new technology product of optical-mechanical integration. The hardness tester has novel shape, good reliability, operability and repeatability. It is an ideal product for vickers hardness testing.This machine uses computer software programming, optical measurement system.Through the soft key input, can choose vickers and Knop hardness measurement, can adjust the strength of the measurement light source, can choose the retention time, can display the test method and test force on the LCD screen, through the panel input measurement indentation diagonal length, the screen directly read hardness value, easy to look up the table cumbersome.Easy to use, high measurement accuracy.


Function and characteristic:

1. The optical system designed by senior optical engineers not only has clear images, but also can be used as a simple microscope, with adjustable brightness, comfortable vision, and not easy to fatigue after long-term operation;

2. The industrial display screen can directly display the hardness value, convert the hardness, test method, test force, holding time, measurement times, and the test process is intuitive and clear;

3. The cast aluminum shell is formed at one time, the structure is stable and does not deform, the car paint grade is high, the scratch resistance is strong, and it is still bright as new after years of use;

4. Our company has the ability to research, develop, design, produce and process by ourselves, and provide parts replacement and maintenance upgrade services for our machines for life;

5. HV-10Z model can realize: the position switch of observation-test-measurement is completed by automatic turret


Main Use and Application Scope:


1, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, metal foil, hard alloy, metal sheet, microstructure

2, carburizing, nitriding and decarburizing layer, surface hardening layer, electroplating layer, coating

3, glass, wafer, ceramic materials, carbonization;


technical Parameters:



Vickers hardness scale

HV0.3,HV0.5,HV1.0,HV3.0 ,HV5.0,HV10.0


Automatic reading menu displays 5-digit hardness value;4-digit diagonal length(D1,D2)Test force ,holding time,Test times,go back

Test force (Kgf)

0.3 、0.5 、1.0 、3.0、5.0、10.0

Load control


Holding time of test force(s)


Optical system 

objective: 10× 20×;       eyepiece: 10×

Overall magnification: 100× 200×

Measuring range: 800μm 400μm

resolution ratio: 1μm  0.5μm

Hardness measurement range


XY test board(Optional)



lowest reading(mm):0.01

Specimen Maximum height(mm)


Specimen Maximum  width(mm)

130(Distance from the center line of the head to the wall)

Data output

Reserved built-in micro printer interface (RS232 serial interface), optional installation

Executive standard 

GB/T4340.2national standard(GB/T4340.2 Chinese Standard),

JJG151verification regulation ( JJG151 Inspection Rule )

Supply voltage 


Outbox dimension(mm)





Standard Accessories


1 set


3 pcs

Big、Middle“V”test board

One each

Horizontal adjusting screw

4 pcs

Power line

1 pcs

10Xmicrometer ocular

1 pcs

Hardness block

2 pcs

Spare fuses 2A

2 set

Certificate of qualification


Instruction Manual

1 set


      Optional measurement software to eliminate human error, computer operation, improve efficiency, and more precise accuracy.


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