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Digital Display Automatic Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester HVS-30Z Digital Display Automatic Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester HVS-30Z


Digital Display Automatic Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester HVS-30Z

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Vickers hardness scale:HV1,HV3,HV5,HV10,HV20,HV30
Test force retention time (s):1~99
Hardness measurement range:(5-3000)HV
Maximum height of specimen (mm):165
  • HVS-30Z

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 7 days

  • 1 year,Lifelong maintenance

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Digital Display Automatic Turret Type Vickers Hardness Tester HVS-30Z

The digital display automatic turret type Vickers hardness tester can meet the basic Vickers hardness tester test requirements. The upgraded digital display micrometer eyepiece can directly read the measurement length, so that the measured value can be obtained more quickly and accurately. The tower can automatically switch the eyepiece and the indenter to avoid damage to the instrument caused by manual error, and also greatly improve efficiency.

Main Function and Feature:

1. The optical system designed by senior optical engineers not only has clear images, but also can be used as a simple microscope, with adjustable brightness, comfortable vision, and not easy to fatigue after long-term operation;

2. The large LCD screen of the industrial display screen can display the test method, test force, measured indentation length, hardness value, test force retention time, measurement times and can enter the year, month, date, test results and data processing, etc.;

3. The cast aluminum shell is formed at one time, the structure is stable and does not deform, the car paint grade is high, the scratch resistance is strong, and it is still bright as new after years of use;

4. Our company has the ability to research, develop, design, produce and process by ourselves, and provide parts replacement and maintenance upgrade services for our machines for life;

5. HVS-30Z model can measure the actual length and directly confirm the hardness value;

6. The HVS-30Z model can realize: the position switch of observation-test-measurement is completed by the automatic turret;

7. The large LCD screen is optional; the large LCD screen is convenient for observation, the test conditions and the test process are intuitive and clear;

8. Optional built-in printer; direct printing of test results and test data;


Main purpose and scope of application:

1. Steel, non-ferrous metals, metal foil, cemented carbide, metal sheet, microstructure, carbonization;

2. Carburizing, nitriding and decarburizing layer, surface hardening layer, electroplating layer, coating, heat treatment;

3. Glass, wafers, ceramic materials;


Technical Parameter:



Vickers hardness scale



5-digit hardness value, 4-digit diagonal length (D1, D2),

Hold time, number of tests, average value, standard deviation, return

Test force(Kgf)



Load control

Automatic (load/hold/unload)

Test force retention time (s)


Optical system

Objective lens: 10×, 20×

Eyepiece magnification: 10×

Total magnification (μm): 100×, 200×

Measuring range (μm): 400

Resolution (μm): 0.125

Hardness measurement range


XY test bench (optional)

Size (mm): 100×100

Stroke range (mm): 25×25

Minimum reading (mm): 0.01

Maximum height of specimen (mm)


Maximum width of test piece (mm)

130 (The distance from the center line of the indenter to the wall of the machine)

Data output

Reserved built-in micro printer interface, (RS232 serial interface) optional installation

Power supply







Standard configuration:

Main Host

1 pcs


3 pcs

Large and medium "V" type test bench

1 each

Level adjustment screw

4 pcs

Power supply

1 pcs

10X digital display micrometer eyepiece

1 pcs

Vickers hardness block

2 pcs

Connecting line RS232

1 pcs

Spare fuse 2A

2 pcs

Printer paper

1 pcs

Product certification

1 pcs

Instruction Manual

1 pcs


Remarks: Can choose built-in printer, one-key printing of measurement data, or upload to computer.

Can choose hardness tester measurement software to eliminate human error, computer operation, improve efficiency, and more precise accuracy.


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