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Rubber Flat Vulcanized Machine Hydraulic Rubber Sheet Vulcanizing Press Machine Rubber Flat Vulcanized Machine Hydraulic Rubber Sheet Vulcanizing Press Machine


Rubber Flat Vulcanized Machine Hydraulic Rubber Sheet Vulcanizing Press Machine

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Capacity: 5-30ton (adjustable)
Temperature range: normal temperature ~ 250 ° C
Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C
Temperature controller: PLC touch screen
  • DH-FV-01

  • Dahometer

  • one set

  • 7 days

  • 1 year,Lifelong maintenance

  • T/T, Visa,PayPal,Western Union

  • Negotiable


Rubber Flat Vulcanized Machine Hydraulic Rubber Sheet Vulcanizing Press Machine 


This series of flat vulcanizing machines are used in the main equipment for pressing and forming various rubber model products and non-model products. They can also be used to suppress all kinds of thermosetting plastics and foaming rubber and plastic products. With independent power mechanism and electrical system, centralized control with buttons. The working pressure and heating temperature can be adjusted within a certain range. This model is divided into manual and semi-automatic.

2.Technical Specification

1).Capacity: 5-30ton (adjustable)

2).Temperature range: normal temperature ~ 250 ° C

3).Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C

4).Temperature controller: PLC touch screen

5).Temperature control mode: PLC touch screen

6).Heating: electric heating tube heating

7).Working mode: electric heating. Heating method: electric heating.

3.Operation Method

1). First adjust the test machine horizontally, and use the level on the base of the machine, and adjust the basic screw according to the level indicator to make it level (adjust when installing the machine or moving the machine).

2). Start the main power switch and let the power supply pass through the control panels of the machine.

3). Set the test temperature.

4). Set the temperature of the upper, middle upper, middle lower and lower molds according to the requirements of the materials. After the temperature reaches the set temperature, open the cylinder door and place the stainless steel plate and the sample.

5). Start the test button to start the test on the hydraulic cylinder (do not adjust the pressure and speed of the hydraulic system).

6). The system automatically resets after the set time is reached.

7). Observe the sample and the test is over.

4.Precautions and maintenance


1).The display of this unit, the power of the motor is input according to the label.

2).The operator must be familiar with the operation and maintenance methods of this unit and pay attention to its use.

3).The environment should be kept clean and not wet.

4).When necessary, please pay attention to handling, do not damage the machine.

5).When replacing the jig, pay attention to pick and place, so as not to fall and bump the machine.

6).Regularly check the drive belt to see if it is looseness or not and adjust it.

7).Please apply for inspection calibration regularly to ensure accuracy.


1). For the machine part, need to wipe the exterior frequently and keep it clean.

2).For the plating part, please wipe with oil to prevent rust and keep it bright.

3).Please add lubricating oil to the power screw and screw parts to ensure the transmission is sensitive. (Lubricating oil can be mainly butter and added with a little oil).

4).The panel (control box is the display) should be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent water from being damaged to IC electronic parts.

5).Please fix all fixtures and fittings and wipe the anti-rust oil to prevent rust.

5. Equipment installation requirements

Installation site

The ground is flat and well ventilated. There is no strong vibration,electromagnetic flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment. There is proper use and maintenance space around the equipment.

 1). External temperature: 27°C±3°C Relative humidity: ≤85% Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

 2).There must be a certain space around the equipment for easy maintenance.

  A: not less than 10cm B: not less than 60cm C: not less than 60cm

 Power supply conditions

1). Power supply: AC220V two-wire + protective ground wire

 Voltage allowable fluctuation range: AC (220 ± 10%) V

 Frequency allowable fluctuation range: (50 ± 0.5) Hz

 Protective earthing wire grounding resistance is less than 4Ω

2).The requirements of the storage environment

When the equipment is not working, the temperature of the environment should be kept within 5 °C ~ +30 °C




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