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UV300W Bulb Yellow Aging Resistance Test Chamber AC220V 15A UV300W Bulb Yellow Aging Resistance Test Chamber AC220V 15A


UV300W Bulb Yellow Aging Resistance Test Chamber AC220V 15A

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Inner Box Size:40×40×50cm 
Temperature Range:Normal Temperature~200°C
Control Mode:Automatic Calculation Controller
Temperature Display:0.1°C
  • DH-YA

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


UV300W Bulb Yellow Aging Resistance Test Chamber AC220V 15A

Yellowing resistance aging test chamber can provide the simulative heat of the sun and ultraviolet radiation environment of space. It is used for observing the anti-yellowing degree of the sample after a period of time effected by the ultraviolet ray and the temperature. Grey stain can be used for reference standard, to judge it’s yellowing degree. Products will change their color when radiated by the sun or influenced by the environment of the container. Use the UV lamp 300W, so that the experiment can be finished in a short time. The machine can also be used as an aging tester or an oven, presenting a multi-function machine.



can do two kinds of testing: aging and anti-yellowing

Aging: the machine can promote the increase of sulfur rubber deterioration, to calculate the change rate of tensile and elongation before and after heat. It’s generally thought that test for one day at 70°C, in theory as exposed to the atmosphere for 6 months.


Anti-yellowing: the machine stimulate the atmosphere environment, driven by the sun ultraviolet radiation. It’s generally thought that the appearance change at 50°C for 9 hours, in theory as exposed to atmosphere for 6 months.


Inner Box Size:


Temperature Range:

Normal Temperature~200°C

Control Mode:

Automatic Calculation Controller

Temperature Display:


Control Accuracy:

± 3°C

Distribution Accuracy:

± 1°C(at-100°C)

Time Memory:

0-999 hours, Power Failure Memory Type, with Buzzer

Wheel Speed:

45cm,10±2 round/ min

UV Light Source:

UV300W Bulb

Standard Accessories:

 Shelf Board 2 pieces

Heating Method:

Hot Air Circulation

Security Devices:

Over-temperature power-off indicator light;
Safety overload switch ammeter

Manufacturing Material:

Internal Stainless Steel SUS304;
External Advanced Baking Varnish

Outside Dimension (L×W×H):

91×55×100 cm 


approx. 87 kg 


1#, AC220V, 15A


JIS-P8127; ASTM D1148




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