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Archimedes principle Constant Temperature Liquid Density Meter For Paints Archimedes principle Constant Temperature Liquid Density Meter For Paints


Archimedes principle Constant Temperature Liquid Density Meter For Paints

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Density resolution:0.001 g/cm3
Density range:0.001—99.999g/cm3
Temperature resolution:0.1°C
Temperature range:10°C~50°C
  • DH-300L-T

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 5-7 days

  • 1 years,Lifelong maintenance

  • TT/Western Union/Paypal etc

  • Negotiable


Archimedes principle Constant Temperature Liquid Density Meter For Paints

This is the new series constant-temperature liquid density meter, constant temperature system and density measurement system is combined together. The combination of Archimedes' principle and precise electronic measurement technology and advanced electronic constant temperature technology enable fast and accurate measurement of density for liquids at a specific temperature. The instrument has a wide constant temperature range, temperature can be set arbitrarily from 10 °C ~ 50 °C.It has the notable features of the fast constant temperature speed, high precision, good durability; suitable for quality management, formula development, cost Control and other applications.


Application Industry:

Various oils, petroleum, cosmetics, paints, coatings, inks, flavors, spices, chemical solutions, chemical reagents, resins, adhesives, edible oils, beverages, pharmaceuticals, auxiliaries, synthetic agents, metal processing, thermal power, electroplating industries, Acid and alkali salt solutions, chemicals, construction, chemical trade, universities, testing agencies, government agencies, teaching institutions, and other industries.


Features and Advantages:

The density measurement system adopts sensors imported from Germany, which has high precision and good stability. The measuring frame adopts high-temperature resistant and high-strength materials,open structure design,to ensure the stability of the density measurement system and the convenience of taking samples; The convenience of cleaning measuring cups. The temperature control system uses a combination of a temperature control system imported from Japan and a PT100 temperature sensor. It has the features of constant temperature, high stability, constant temperature accuracy of 0.1°C;Constant temperature system and density measurement system is combined together.makes the instrument has more good testing speed,and more high accuracy testing result.


Operation Method:

(1)In the displaying 0.000 status, place the measuring cup which contains the sample in the thermostatic bath.

(2)After being heated to the specified temperature, makes the standard weight which immersed in the sample hung in the center of the measuring frame with a hook. Press the ENTER key. The screen will be displaying the density at the current temperature. The symbol indicates the SG.








Density resolution

0.001 g/cm3

0.0001 g/cm3

Density range



Temperature resolution



Temperature range



Can provide more wide temperature range per customers’demanding

Measuring principle

Archimedes principle

Result displaying

Density value

If need to measure the concentration, Baume degree, sugar content, alcohol content and other data, can choose other special model.

Function setting

Temperature setting, solution density setting, standard weights weight setting and weight in water setting

Calibration method

One-button automatic correction, automatic detection function

Testing result verification method

Distilled water verification

Output method


Standard accessories

①main host,②100G weights,③powder cord,④2pcs of stainless steel hook,⑤1 pcs of stainless steel weights⑥1 pcs standard glass weights⑦2 pcs of measuring cup

Optional accessories

①DE-40 printer    ②DE-20B Corrosion-resistant liquid measuring assembly

Power supply




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