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DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter Laboratory Liquid Density Equipment DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter Laboratory Liquid Density Equipment
DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter Laboratory Liquid Density Equipment DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter Laboratory Liquid Density Equipment


DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter Laboratory Liquid Density Equipment

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Power:AC~220V / 50HZ
Maximum weight:300g
Minimum weight:0.005g
Packing weight:5kg
  • DH-300L

  • Dahometer

  • 1 set

  • 3-5 days

  • Two years

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DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter Laboratory Liquid Density Equipment


The Hot Selling Solid And Liquid Density Meter Manufacturer is suitable for solid, liquid, paste and other sample density detection, such as chemical solution, food, chocolate solid liquid, cheese and other solid liquid, paste, cream density detection.


1.Using German HBM sensor, the reading is stable, the overload is automatically protected, and it is durable and has a warranty of three years.

2.Imported silent mechanical buttons in Japan, you can respond to readings with a touch of 0.1 seconds, sensitive and fast, lifetime warranty.

3.Rubber and plastic products granules, films, floating bodies (such as EPE, etc.), metal products, dense ceramics, magnetic materials, etc. can be quickly measured.

4.Using a one-piece large-capacity measuring platform, it is resistant to corrosion and falls, and it can be replaced free of charge for life.

5.Equipped with professional windproof dust cover, the combination is convenient, sturdy and durable.

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Standards:In accordance with Archimedes principle, GB/T

611,GB/T11540,GB/T12206,GB/T5518 standards etc.


Combine Archimedes principle with modern electronics technique of

DH-300L; Digital display liquid densimeter; The data can be read directly

with high measuring accuracy; The operation is more easy and get

away from the influence of external factor and temperature compared

with traditional wechsler balance method and pycnometer method; It can be applied to the field of quality management, cost control,formula

researching and so on. Also,the solvent,adhesive,paint, pitch,resin,

chemical oils,edible oil,food additives,drink,dairy products can be




Density resolution: 0.001 g/cm3

Maximum weight:300g

Minimum weight:0.005g

Measuring range: 0.001-99.999g/cm3



(1)Density value can be showed by one procedure;repeatedly

continuous rapid measurement can be worked.

(2)Digital display; High accuracy of measurement; Simple operation;

Stable and Durable. 

(3)Density value of samples with the temperature from normal to

100 centigrade can be measured.

(4)Take samples conveniently;50CC or less would be okay.

(5)There is no cumbersome debugging and operation compared with

traditional wechsler balance method and pycnometer method.

(6)It is very easy to clean measurement cup; can’t get the limitation of the size of pycnometer caliber.

(7)Coordinate with the operation of thermostatic tank to measure the proportion with the required temperature.

(8)Adopt the completed special windproof and dustproof cover,which makes the structure convenient and durable.

(9)Volatile liquid,corrosivity liquid,vicidity liquid,strong acid and strong lye liquid can be measured quickly.

(10)Interface of RS-232C is included.the printer of DE-40 will be available to connect PC and the instrument.


Measurement procedure:

(1)Place beaker with sample on testing board. and take off weight of pothook.


(2)Hang standard weight on the pothook and submerged into liquid to be tested totally; press ENTER key to memory. Density value will be displayed.


Standard accessories:

Host,measurement frame,DE-20A standard liquid measurement

assembly,tweezer,thermometer,100G weight,windproof and dustproof

cover,measurement support,power transformer


 DE-20A standard liquid measurement assembly:

Two stainless steel pothooks,one normal glass weight,one normal

stainless steel weight,two beakers.


Optional accessories:


DE-40 printer,DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measurement assembly.


Instruction Table:



DH-300L Electronical Liquid Densimeter



Density resolution

0.001 g/cm3

Density range




a:mobility liquid,viscous liquid,volatile liquid,corrosivity liquid,high temperature liquid,suspension liquid,emulsion and so on


b:alcohol,scaling powder,essence,blood,sodium chloride,glycerol, electrolyte,diesel,refrigerating,

hydrofluoric acid,dichloromethane,vitriol



Archimedes principle displacement method



1 group



About 5 seconds

Memory mode

memory in shorter time by one procedure

Result disply 

Density value





stainless steel specific gravity measurement frame

Function of


Temperature setting,solution density setting,measurement weights setting of weight in the normal liquid and water 



auto correction with one button,auto detection.



distilled testing

Output mode

standard interface of RS-232,output and print testing data conveniently 

Standard accessories

Host,measurement frame,DE-20A standard liquid measurement assembly,tweezer,thermometer,100G weight,wind and dust cover,measurement support,power transformer


DE-20A standard liquid measurement assembly:

Two stainless steel pothooks,one normal glass weight,one normal stainless steel weight,two beakers.

Optional accessories

DE-40 printer,DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measurement assembly


AC~220V / 50HZ0.

Main feature

data display,accuracy,rapid,convenience durable,economy

 liquid densimeter electronic densimeter


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