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Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument
Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument
Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument


Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument

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Air hole diameter:6.0mm
Hole center gap:20mm
Specimen size:(380+10)mmx(380+10)mmx(50±3)mm
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Dahometer Sponge Compression Strength Test Instrument


This machine is used to measure the concave hardness of porous elastic materials. The polyurethane sponge foam sample can be tested according to the national standard, and the hardness of the sponge, foam and other materials can be accurately measured. It can also be used to measure the specified indentation hardness of the seat foam (such as the backrest, cushion foam, etc.) that has been produced, and accurately measure the indentation hardness of the foam accessories of the seat.



Place the sample between the upper and lower platens, and the upper platen compresses the sample of a certain size downward at a predetermined speed to the concavity specified by the A method (B method, C method) required by the national standard. The load cell thereon feeds back the sensed pressure to the controller for processing and displaying, thereby measuring the indentation hardness of materials such as sponges, foams.,etc.


Function and Feature:

1. Automatic clearing: After the computer receives the test start command, the system will automatically do zero clearing.

2. Automatic return: After the sample is broken, it will automatically return to the initial position.

3. Automatic shifting: According to the size of the load, different gear positions can be switched to ensure measurement accuracy.

4. Change speed: This machine can change the test speed arbitrarily according to different samples.

5. Indication verification: The system can achieve accurate calibration of force values.

6. Control method: Test methods such as test force, test speed, displacement and strain can be selected according to the test requirements.

7.A multi-purpose machine: equipped with different specifications of the sensor, can achieve a multi-purpose machine.

8. Curve traversal: After the test is completed, the mouse can be used to find the point-by-point force value and deformation data of the test curve and analyze it.

9. Display: Dynamic display of data and curve test process.

10. Results: The test results are accessible and the data curve is analyzed.

11.Limit: with program control and mechanical limit.

12. Overload: Automatically stops when the load exceeds the rated value.


Technical Parameter:

Sensing method

Force sensor automatic dispaly

Load Cell Capacity



Servo motor control system

Unit switch



0.5 grade(±0.5%)

Testing stroke


Test speed


Size of upper compressing plate

Diameter 200mm

Bottom Border-radius


Lower platform


Air hole diameter


Hole center gap


Specimen size




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